Chris Painted Jewelry - Full Set

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Wear a piece of art from Chris Brooks!  You can also order a full jewelry set complete with a necklace pendant, a matching bracelet, and matching pair of earrings.  Each piece is made from hand painted artwork by Chris with his signature laser engraved on the back of the pendant! Assembled by hand and covered with a 3D glass bezel, it is ultimately secured to a stylish silk cord necklace. Every one is completely unique and a beautiful collectible for the wearer. 

Materials are IN STOCK.  Each piece will be assembled by hand when ordered and will ship in about one week.

Note:  While secured with a crystal clear epoxy, all jewelry should be kept dry as it is not waterproof.  Do not bathe, shower, or swim in this jewelry.


All artwork was inspired by these locations in New Zealand:

Huka Falls:  Inspired by the turbulent icy waters of New Zealand’s largest waterfall, fueled by Lake Taupo in the Central North Island. This series uses frosted aqua blues, and greens.

Maraetai: Inspired by one of Auckland’s most remote and picturesque beaches, situated on the Eastern Pohutukawa Coast. This series uses sub-tropical blues and teals.

Muriwai;  Inspired by the rugged beauty of Auckland’s wild west coast. This series uses ocean blues, seafoam whites and turbulent silvers.

Tarawera:  Inspired by the pink and white terraces of Lake Tarawera. Once acclaimed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, they were lost in the 1886 eruption of Mt Tarawera. This series uses crystal shades of pinks, purples and whites.

Tekapo:  Inspired by the iridescent Lupin flower that blooms along the shores of Lake Tekapo in the South Island. This series uses stunning purples and blues.

Tongariro:  Inspired by the ominous mountains that overlook Lake Taupo in the North Island's Tongariro National Park. This series uses alpine shades of white and silver with forbidding blacks and blues.

Wairakei:  Inspired by the otherworldly landscape of Wairakei’s geothermal "Craters Of The Moon". This series uses martian reds, volcanic blacks and geyser whites.

Waitakere: Inspired by the vibrant native New Zealand bush which blankets West Auckland’s Waitakere ranges. This series uses shades of native forest greens.

Wanaka:  Inspired by the evening sky over Mt Aspiring in the South Island of New Zealand. This series uses alpine whites, and twilight purples and blues.

Wharewaka:  Inspired by the iconic vivid sunsets of Lake Taupo, as seen from Wharewaka Point. This series uses rich shades of vibrant purples and lake blues.