Hand-Made Album 4 Paperweight/Light-Catcher from NZ

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You have NEVER seen a Collectible like THIS before…

An Epic Moment in the World’s History | An Iconic Moment in Like A Storm’s History | Natural Beauty from the Other Side of the World | Musical Collectibles from those very Recording Sessions. 

All incapsulated, immortalized and hand-made by the musician from one of your favourite bands.

This is a truly unique concept and piece of art.

Unexpectedly residing in New Zealand during a global pandemic of historic proportions - Kent himself collected these shells and black seaweed from the shores of beautiful Papamoa and Mount Maunganui Beaches in New Zealand (Pics below) 

Kent then set them in clear “Doming Glass” resin with a Like A Storm NZ guitar pick and both guitar & bass strings used to record the songs on the upcoming Album 4. 

Some gold flakes were thrown in for artistic measure, and what was created could quite possibly be the most unique Band Collectible ever created!

Kent shipped 100 of them to the Online Store Depot in Omaha, NE - where they currently sit in stock. The price has been set below the price other unknown artists sell their resin pieces for - because the band wants this to be a collectible from the Album/New Zealand that everyone can have access to, and enjoy.

So please don’t miss out! Get your’s while stocks last, because these WILL NOT be replenished. Comes with a signed card from Kent, Chris and Matt from New Zealand - Thanking YOU for your support.

PLUS: We are also offering an optional LIGHT KIT to illuminate your light catcher.  The kit is USB powered (cable and power brick included) and uses RGB LED lights to illuminate the artwork in seven different colors that you can select with the included remote control or the power-control button.  You can even do a soothing fade effect between colors.

  • Everything washed up on the shore, nothing was harvested, or living when collected
  • Each piece is unique, each piece has been hand-made by Kent himself, any imperfections are because this is not a Souvenir made by a machine in a factory. 
  • If you purchased the last Mystery Gift, thank you, one of these is being sent your way at 20% off retail. So only purchase one if you would like a second, for another room in the house, or a friend/family member who also loves LAS