Have Chris & Matt fly out to you and perform in the comfort of your own home! Or host your private show at your favorite local venue! 

Back by popular demand!

Each In-Person Private Acoustic Show features 12 song unplugged set, performed by Chris & Matt in the style of their iconic "In Isolation" sessions. These custom setlists are comprised of Like A Storm originals and covers - so request your favorite LAS songs or have the boys play your favorite tunes by other artists!

Each In-Person Private Acoustic Show also includes more than 3 hours of relaxed face-to-face interaction with the guys, which allows plenty of time for casual conversation and snapping photos to mark the occasion.



Our new manageable monthly installments payment plan has been making these private shows accessible to fans from all walks of life. After an initial deposit to help with securing flights and accommodation, any remaining balance can be covered by manageable monthly installments.

Despite increased travel costs due to the global economic climate, Chris & Matt have decided that they would like to offer these In-Person Private Acoustic Shows at the reduced rate of $3,495 USD - to make this unique experience as affordable as possible. This figure covers all travel, accommodation, gear and other related expenses.

Our new monthly installments payment plan has already proven very popular with our friends and fans, and the shows themselves have been receiving rave reviews. Don't miss this unique opportunity!


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Photo by Thom Seling