"OKURA" Album Book - Signed (PRE-ORDER)

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Only 200 First Printing, Each Hand-Numbered with Signed Bookplate from the Band!

To celebrate and commemorate the release of their latest album, “OKURA,” the guys in Like A Storm have put together a very unique and special Limited Edition Hard Cover Glossy Book.

This high-quality, full-color book features exclusive personal insights and stories from Chris, Matt, Kent & Zach about the writing or recording process for each song from the album, and hand-written lyrics for all songs from songwriters: Kent, Chris and Matt.

As this is the first album LAS has ever recorded in New Zealand, this was a special milestone for the band. So the book also features behind-the-scenes photographs of a recording process that spanned from North America to New Zealand, "Kent's-eye-view" photographs of stunning New Zealand landscapes and scenery, and original NZ-inspired artwork created by Chris & Kent during the making of “OKURA.”


This book is a great collectible that captures this moment in time, and celebrates the latest chapter in Like A Storm’s legacy.

Don’t miss out your chance to get your hands on one of these - and as always, THANK YOU for supporting Like A Storm


Book Details:


  • Signed by the band
  • Exclusive personal notes from Chris, Matt, Kent & Zach about each song
  • Hand-written lyrics by Chris, Matt & Kent
  • Behind-the-scenes photographs of LAS recording
  • Photographs of stunning New Zealand scenery taken by Kent
  • Original artwork by Chris & Kent
  • Special Thanks pages featuring the photos of everyone who has supported "Okura"
  • Names listed as thank you credits of everyone who has supported “Okura”
  • Glossy Cover Hard Cover 8.5 x 11
  • #100 Glossy Print (highest quality the printer offers)
  • 124 B/W and Color Pages
  • Made in USA


    Please Note: Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery from printer