XMAS DAY VIP ZOOM with LAS - Dec 25th (US) - 1PM (PST) / 4PM (EST)

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The guys have realized that these Zooms are providing a lot of support for fans out there going through what has been a very tough and challenging year.

They're so appreciative of the way their fans have always been there for them, that they've decided take time from their vacation to do one on Xmas Day itself, for those who want to join in.

It could be for those who are alone on Xmas, or something positive to do on the day for those who aren't able to have their usual mass family gatherings.

Or it could make a great Xmas present to surprise a superfan with on the day!

Either way, the guys have been loving doing these, and are pleased to know it's helping others.

They're looking forward to tuning in and hanging with everyone on Xmas Day!

[ Limit of 35 Spaces ]